Silent No More

Silent No More

The coalition was established in March 2011, at the launch of a Tearfund research report ‘Silent No More‘. The report highlighted the untapped potential and challenges of the worldwide church to prevent and respond to sexual violence. The report was based on research commissioned originally in Liberia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi.


Host: The launch event was hosted by Dr Rowan Williams, the previous Archbishop of Canterbury.

Speakers: Michel Sidibe (UNAIDS Executive Director),
Most Rev. and Mrs Isingoma (Anglican Archbishop of DRC)
Most Rev. Bernard Ntahoturi (Anglican Archbishop of Burundi)
Lyn Lusi, Co-founder of HEAL Africa
Natalie Collins, Restored


For many, the event was the first step towards a long term church based action to end the silence, pain and stigma faced by survivors of sexual violence.

A report of the launch event can be found here: Report – Launch Event 2011.

Press Releases
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Lambeth Palace