Sexual violence (SV) occurs throughout the world, although in most countries there has been little research conducted on the problem. Due to the private nature of SV and stigma and discrimination surrounding SV, estimating the extent of the problem is difficult. We have chosen some specific countries to highlight the worldwide nature of the issue and that faith groups worldwide have a role to play in ending SV.

The countries below either have coalition member's and their partners working there to end SV or there is a national 'We Will Speak Out' coalitions dedicated to end SV.

  • Burundi

    Population: 8,749,000 (2013 estimate) Location: Great Lakes Region, Eastern Africa SV Statistics There is a lack of data available currently regarding sexual violence in Burundi due to under reporting.   Conflict in Burundi The Burundian civil war lasted from 1993 to 2005, but this war was the only the latest in a cycle of violent conflict within […]

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  • Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

    Country Information Population: 75,507,308 (2013 estimate) Location: Central Africa   Statistics on sexual violence It is estimated 1000 rapes happen a day in the DRC (2011 report) 40,000 rapes were reported between 1998-2004 (Amnesty report) Rape against men and women has been reported The war has also been called “a war against women” (Braeckman, in Turner, 2007:3), […]

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  • Liberia

    Population: 4,128,572 (2011 estimate) Location: West Africa SV Statistics During the war sexual violence (SV) was use against all women, regardless of age and sex. Rape of women and of men is often used as a weapon of war, as a form of attack on the enemy, typifying the conquest and degradation of its women or men […]

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  • Papua New Guinea

    Population: 7,059,653 (2011 census) Location: South-western Pacific Ocean, Oceania   SV Statistics Papua New Guinea (PNG) is known for its high rate of gender based violence (including sexual violence): 70 percent of women in PNG say they have been physically abused by their husbands. That number reaches 100 percent in some parts of the country. […]

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  • Rwanda

    Population: 12,012,589 (2013 estimate) Location: Great Lakes Region, Eastern Africa   SV Statistics There is an estimated 2 – 5,000 pregnancies resulted from war rape (during 2004 genocide) , and that between 250,000 – 500,000 Rwandese women and girls had been raped during the genocide (Source: Special Rapporteur on Rwanda, 1996 report) In 2009, The Law on prevention and […]

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  • South Africa

    WWSOSA is the South African Chapter of the International WWSO Coalition.  As the We Will Speak Out Coalition develops and formalises its structure and activities, there might be some refinement of the information below. For now, this is a brief overview of how we see the coalition move ahead: WWSOSA Strategic Framework (2017-2019) SHARED VISION […]

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  • United Kingdom

    Population: 63,181,775 (2011 census) Location: Europe SV Statistics 167 women are raped every day (National Police statistics) Women who are murdered by a partner or former partner number two per week in the UK, three per day in the USA and one per hour in Russia The 2010/11 CSEW estimates: It is estimated 60,000 women have been […]

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  • We Will Speak Out US

    We Will Speak Out US

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