Joint Learning Initiative (JLI)

The Joint Learning Initiative (JLI) is a ground-breaking international collaboration working to develop robust, practical evidence and actionable policy and programmatic recommendations on the role of local faith communities (LFCs) in community health and development

The JLI on faith and local communities (F&LCs) brings together a diverse group of practitioners, academics, faith leaders and other stakeholders in a joint-learning approach organised around ‘Learning Hubs’, each of which takes a specific sectoral focus.

More information on the Hubs are available here.

A new learning hub on sexual and gender based violence has been launched in 2014. This is a Hub created to build momentum and efforts of a variety of actors actively involved in SBV work across the world ranging from INGO’s, researchers, faith groups etc.

The key focus of the hubs are to:

• Review, map and assess what is already known about the role and impact of local faith communities (LFCs).

• Communicate this better in ways that engage and inform key stakeholders.

• Identify key gaps in knowledge.

• Secure leadership and funding for focused research to fill those gaps, and communicate these findings focused on practical action.