Ending sexual violence in CAR

Coalition member, Tearfund organised a workshop in Bangui, Central African Republic in May 2014 bringing together faith leaders, non-government organisations and UN agencies. The workshop sought to bring together key stakeholders to discuss how faith organistions to speak out and act against sexual violence.

Sign our online pledge here.

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Engaging men to prevent SGBV

“We were challenged by men to help them understand how they are socialized, to understand why they become violent.”

How have you, like Nyambura Njoroge at the World Council of Churches, been engaging men in the response to HIV and sexual and reproductive health issues?

From coalition member, World Council of Churches

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Let us not be silent, but act…

Gender based violence and especially violence against women is one of the most widespread human rights abuses in the world. One in three women will experience rape, abuse, or other forms of gender based violence in her lifetime.

This video show how coalition member, CAFOD and partners are working with women and men around the world to change the norms which allow this violence to continue and to empower women to assert their human rights. Including stories from Columbia, DR Congo and Cambodia.

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Afghanistan: 10 years on

Listen to women MPs in Afghanistan as they speak about the role of women in Afghanistan ten years after the international intervention. 90% of women still face some form of domestic violence and fewer than 15% of women are literate. Many women are still subject to forced marriage and rape goes unpunished. Christian Aid works with its Afghan partners to bring international attention to the voices of women. It supports women in prisons, women farmers in rural areas and much more.

From coalition member, Christian Aid.

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28 Too Many

Dr Ann-Marie Wilson, founder of 28 Too Many, presents new research on female genital mutilation (FGM), learning from eradicating Chinese foot binding to bring hope to eradicating FGM in 28 African countries & the diaspora.

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Preventing violence in India

Gloria Kalokhe from the YWCA in India gives several examples of how women in her community experience violence and disempowerment.

Day 9 of series filmed at the HIV, Human Rights and Reproductive Health conference in December 2013.

This video is from coalition members: World Council of Churches and World YWCA.

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50 years, 50 faces

An animation to accompany an exhibition of photographs to mark the Democratic Republic of Congo’s 50 years of independence, highlighting the current high levels of sexual violence in the country.

Published in August 2012, by coalition member CAFOD.

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A story from DR Congo

A rape survivor from the Democratic Republic of Congo talks about her experience of being abducted, raped and impregnated by Rwandan soldiers, some of whom were infected with HIV.

From coalition member Christian Aid.

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Just speak out

The US sister coalition of ‘We Will Speak Out’ asks you to pledge you commitment to speak out against sexual violence and sign our online pledge.

Please sign our online pledge here.

If you are based in the US please sign the pledge here.

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Breaking the silence in DRC

Hear more from survivors of sexual violence regarding their experiences as they speak out against sexual violence.


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