Faith leaders ‘Take A Stand’

View this collective message by South African Faith leaders calling upon their counterparts and the country as a whole to ‘Take A Stand’ against domestic and gender based violence.

It is also a call to prioritise the issue of violence against women and children within faith communities and society as a whole. In all communities there are perpetrators and survivors.

SAFFI is a member of the ‘We Will Speak Out – South Africa’ coalition.

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‘I will speak out…’

On the 22nd November church leaders and survivors came together to openly share and discuss what the church can do to prevent and respond to sexual violence within their churches and communities.

Participants made a commitment to speak out and be silent no more!


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South Africa named ‘rape capital of world’

Interpol has named South Africa as the ‘rape capital of the world’.

View news report here.

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First Man Standing Video

Coalition member, Restored have produced a series of short videos (available on their website).

This video encourages good men to make a stand against violence against women. It gives a range of actions men can take to be a ‘First Man Standing’. It also shows how good men can look at their own attitudes and actions and make choices that empower and encourage women.

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Voices of Survivors – UNITE campaign

Voices of Survivors’ tells the stories of survivors of violence against women in their own words. They speak of the impact violence had upon them, and how they have found the resources to move forward in their lives. Their stories remind us why taking a stand to prevent violence against women and girls is critical.

This video is produced by the United Nations Secretary General’s campaign, UNITE to end violence against women.

Visit their website here.

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Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative (PSVI)

Foreign Secretary William Hague discusses the Preventing sexual violence initiative (PSVI) from the UK government  (May 2013).

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Documentary: ‘Fighting the Silence’

A documentary showing the consequences of sexual violence and the first, faltering steps towards a remedy, through personal stories.

To view the documentary, click here.



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Shattered Lives Slideshow

Sexual violence affects millions across the globe, shattering the lives of women, men and children. Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) has released a report and personal testimonies from Burundi called ‘Shattered lives: Victims of Sexual violence’ This audio slideshow contains testimonies of rape victims from Burundi.

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Archbishop of Canterbury’s World AIDS Day 2012 Address

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We Will Speak Out Launch