Alice’s Story

“I was on my way to fetch water when I met a man by the river. He told me that he had heard about me that I go to church a lot but that would not save me as he would have me at whatever cost. He then put a cloth in my mouth to prevent me from screaming and raped me.

He left me there and I screamed. Some church members were passing by; they heard me and came to my help. They took me home and went straight looking for the man. They found him and took him the police.

This has really affected me I do not feel safe anywhere, I see the man’s face everywhere. The church members have visited me and accompanied me and my family to the police to report the man.

I initially felt shame and thought that people especially in the church would start talking about me. I have been really surprised because everyone has been supportive of me and sympathetic to my situation.”

Alice has been inspired to help other survivors just as she supported

“I have also been inspired by my pastor who is a single lady. She has been a real role model for me especially looking at the love she demonstrated to me. My hope for the future is to be like her and help other people who go through the same situation as me”

Written consent was given by Alice*(this is not her real name) for us to share her story.

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